The Coral Beach was established in 1982, in the centre of the Holy Land of Jerusalem specifically in the heart of the Old City. It was founded by Ibrahim Bader, the head jewellery designer, driven by his passion, dream, and commitment. Ibrahim passed down his passion and knowledge for the craft of jewellery design to his four children: Laith, Ayham, Orayb, and Tamar, emphasizing the importance of preserving the family legacy and business. Together they remain to consolidate it as a family. Layth and Ayham specialized in the study of diamonds and precious stones meanwhile, Orayb specialized in the study of silver and gold jewellery. Also in the future Tammar plans on specializing in jewellery design to contribute to the growth of expanding family business. In 2020, Coral Beach had to pivot its business strategy amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic like many other businesses around the world to cope with the global crisis. As a result, adopting social media as a platform to expand their brand. This shift resulted in ongoing exponential growth for The Coral Beach on both a local and international level. We would like to wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you who trusted our vision and contributed to our growth. With your constant love and support, we will continue to grow and deliver the finest and most exquisite designs and services.

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